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yoga class information

what to expect

  • Arrive with an open mind and adventurous attittude!
  • Bring your own yoga mat
  • Always listen to your body first and the teacher second, you are your best teacher.
  • Arrive at class at least 5 minutes early
  • Turn off your cell phone
  • Avoid wearing perfume that may trigger allergic reactions
  • Be considerate of the other students and respect the quiet atmosphere
  • Wear comfortable clean clothing, no buckles, belts or loose shorts








tiny yoga project

This is a series of 5 minute sequences that you can slip into your daily routine.
In no time you won't be able to go without it!
Click to download.

Tiny yoga wake up
Tiny New Years Day yoga (inspiration for letting go and starting again any day of the year)
Tiny yoga meditation
Tiny standing yoga

class descriptions

All of our classes start with breathing and work through postures in a specific sequence. Classes are different every week and no two classes are alike. Every class ends with relaxation (savasana) and 3 OM. If you are uncertain which level of class you would like to attend or would like to start attending a different level of class please contact Tara.

Not all of the described classes are held all the time, check the schedule for current offerings.

hatha - gentle yoga
Gentle movement, supported postures and breathing practice can reduce stress and teach you to breathe and move in a supportive and healthy way. Prepare for your week by releasing deeply through your patterns of tension and relaxing your busy. Wonderful for people looking for relaxation or who are living with chronic disease, injury, pain, extra weight, or who have never done yoga.

hatha - restorative yoga
This class allows you to slow down and focus on moving with awareness. Working with supported postures, mudras and breathing practices we will begin the journey to heal and rejuvenate your body. Balance your mind and ease stress in daily movement. Discover inner peace and equanimity. Good for people looking for relaxation or who are living with chronic disease, injury, pain, extra weight, or who have never done yoga.

hatha - beginning yoga

Hatha yoga for people who have never done yoga before, or students who enjoy the class as a rejuvenating experience. Beginning classes give clear and complete instructions for each pose, as well as benefits and risks. All levels of students can benefit from a beginning level class.

hatha - intermediate yoga
Hatha yoga for people wanting more challenge than the beginner classes offer. We add more fluid movement through the asana and a quicker pace. This class focuses on sequential postures while keeping the principles of breathing, grounding and elongation of the spine paramount. Explore the postures and their many variations while building concentration and knowledge. Intermediate classes begin practicing deeper backbends, sequential asana and upside down poses.

hatha - advanced yoga
Hatha yoga that challenges the mind and body. The advanced classes work with more active sequences, backbends and inversions. Students are encouraged to work at their own level, previous knowledge of yoga required, flexibility and strength will come with practice

hatha - pregnancy

* Not currently offered
This is a class designed for beginners but all are welcome. As your pregnancy moves along it is nice to have a class just for you, designed to prepare for birth with movement, breath and sound and allow time to enjoy the many changes of pregnancy. Address discomforts of pregnancy, learn postures, breathing and sound techniques for birth.

hatha - mum and babe yoga
* Not currently offered
Bring your little one with you! We recommend attending after your baby it at least 6 - 8 weeks old. This class will get you moving slowly, ease the stress in your body and allow you to feed, change or attend to your little one as needed. This class is an adventure from week to week. * Not currently offered.

vipassana meditation
* Not currently offered
A practice time for concentration and reflection.

private lessons

What is a private yoga lesson?

A one to one lesson involves more assistance and focus on your questions or need. I invite students to arrive with curiosity and interest.
All private lessons will be held at the centre. There are limited lessons available, contact Tara at: tara@yogarootsmindfulness.ca.

Prices and packages:

$80.00 ~ 1 hour introduction class or refresher
$100.00 ~ 1.5 hour
introduction class or refresher
$195.00 ~ Package of three foundation 1 hour classes ($65 / class)
$360.00 ~ Package of six development 1 hour classes ($60 / class)

A private yoga lesson is appropriate if you...

~ have a special need, illness, or injury that limits your ability to participate in group classes.
~ have a specific question or concern about a practice you are uncertain of, or need clarification on.
~ are wanting to take your practice deeper in any direction....poses (asana) breath work (pranayama) or meditation.

We can accommodate small groups if required,
$10 ~ hour for each additional student : maximum 3 students

We reserve the right to refuse a private lesson if we do not feel it is appropriate.
We encourage participation in group classes whenever possible and wish to be selective with one on one teaching.
We can only accommodate a few private lessons per week and will need to book and collect payment in advance. There will be a cancellation fee of 10% held by the centre if you cancel within 3 days before the lesson.

about hatha yoga

Yoga is a sophisticated system of postures, breathing and meditation that challenges your mind and body, bringing you back into yourself. You may achieve radiant physical health, mental clarity and peace of mind through mindful practice of asana (postures), pranayama (breath) and dyana (meditation). These practices all fall under the umbrella of 'hatha' yoga. Hatha yoga has many teachers and forms which vary in focus and the sequencing of postures. There are over 2000 hatha yoga postures with many variations, which work to improve circulation in all of the body's systems and encourage proper alignment.

The ancient teachings were originally passed from guru to student through one on one teaching. In the past 100 years, yoga has transformed from a mysterious practice to a mainstream activity with millions of students around the world. As western practitioners, yoga is a puzzle for us to unfold as we move forwards into awareness and self discovery. Balance, flexibility, strength, clarity and grounding are some of the effects of continuous yoga practice, but the calm and centred feeling after a yoga class is indefinable and should remain so , as each of us sees our self anew, no two experiences alike.

This ancient practice is built around the science of the body, and an intelligent approach is necessary to fully understand the scope and depth of yoga. By bringing the mind back into the senses of the body, we find that connection to the present moment, bringing us fully into the here and now. By being aware and keeping the mind focused on the breath and posture, we can find freedom and flexibility in the spine which leads us to freedom and flexibility of the mind.

The exploration of poses from an individual perspective, rather than adhering to right or wrong definitions within a pose, allows you to work at your own level, go deeper and build awareness. The same approach applies to the spiritual connection within each of us. Yoga philosophy subscribes to no particular belief system and therefore nourishes us each differently as we bring our own unique ideas into the practice. The quiet time allowed for spiritual connection during a yoga practice is a welcome and renewing experience on our spiritual path.

The building of community and support for each other is also a big part of a yoga practice, nurturing each of us as we delve into ourselves and discover our potential. Find your inner strength through yoga practice, take time to rejuvenate and open your spirit to the fullness and joy of living!


There is no weekly meditation class on our schedule currently.

My meditation classes are for all level of meditators. I firmly believe that practice is the heart of any exploration into meditation. Although it may seem uncertain in the beginning of your practice I encourage you to sit with the confusion, ask questions and see what you discover.

The meditation I practice and teach is in the vipassana tradition which means Insight. This is a method that focuses on awareness of our body and breath creating compassion for ourselves at every moment. We practice mindfulness by focusing on the in-breath and out-breath allowing awareness of any other thoughts and experiences. We are attentive to a deepening experience of truth, love and peace. Only through consistent and dedicated practice can we gain insight into ourselves.

books we recomend for beginning meditators....

The Miracle of MIndfulness by Thich Nhat Hanh
A Heart as Wide as the World by Sharon Salzberg
Seeking the Heart of Wisdom by Joseph Goldstein and Jack Kornfield

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